The Icelandic Highlands

It is overwhelming raw nature, in the middle of nowhere, in the Icelandic highlands. Imagine black desert of volcanic ash. Imagine few mountains far away with bits of snow in it. There you are with your running shoes on and just start going. Every once and a while you come across a little fresh water stream – and then bigger ones which go almost up to your waist when you cross them. You can go on for hours running in the highlands of Iceland – without coming across any living creature, even though the environment is all very alive – some running water and volcanic ash testimonial of active volcanoes. The highlands are only accessible 2-3 months every year, in the summertime, as it closes in winter filling with snow and paths get muddy before they freeze. Check out our 4 day Highland Running Adventure the 21st of July 2014!

Craig Downing rest Laugavegur-300dpi-2000x2000-7745 (141)

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